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Frequently Asked Questions

We go through the informations your insurance contract gives us and the informations you have saved in Myeggbox. That way we’re able to see if your insurance contract is the best regarding your needs.
You get a bonus via the purchase recommendations but there’s no extra fee for it. You’ll pay the same price that what you would have found yourself, but the difference is that you add up some bonus thanks to the partnerships we have with a lot of merchants.
The service works with all the French insurers and the synchronization can be automatic with most of them. You can also add your special and general terms if you want us to analyze them. At the moment, the automatic synchronization isn’t possible for bank insurers.
To be the most efficient and offer you the easiest experience, we only use some technologies that are available on smarthphone. But, if for some reasons you are unable to use your smartphone, you can also access your Myeggbox space online and reach a simplified version of all the informations you could need in case of an emergency. After all, we do think that the phone apps are a more and more convenient tool in our daily lives. That’s why we mainly focuse on our smartphone services at the moment, in the aim to keep innovating and always making your life easier.